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Are you interested in a distributed audio system for your Fort Lauderdale, FL home? Contact the AV experts at BDigital Technologies to learn more.

Luxury Distributed Audio with the B&O Contrast Collection

Learn About Bang & Olufsen's New Luxury Audio Line

Luxury Distributed Audio with the B&O Contrast Collection

Bang & Olufsen has partnered with Danish design studio Norm Architects, known for their neutral color choices and pleasing surface textures, to create the Contrast collection, an eight-piece limited edition release of luxury distributed audio equipment. The new collection focuses on combining contrasting materials and surfaces to create an aesthetic that celebrates the delight of difference. The result is a home audio line with an understated appearance, beautiful but not overbearing, and a perfect fit for any contemporary interior design.

If you are looking for an audio system that enhances your aesthetic while also delivering tangible quality audio, the Contrast collection is the perfect fit for you. Read our latest blog to learn more about this distributed audio collection and why you should add it to your Fort Lauderdale, FL-area home.

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