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High-Performance Audio Spotlight: B&W Beolab 28

Transform Your Audio Experience with the Beolab 28 Wireless Stereo Speakers from Bang & Olufsen

High-Performance Audio Spotlight: B&W Beolab 28

Today’s high-performance speakers push the boundaries of what’s possible for home audio so that you can have the sonic experience you’re looking for. Want powerful, studio-grade sound from wireless stereo speakers? Experience high-resolution audio that sounds perfect anywhere in the home while adding beauty to your interiors with the Beolab 28 hi-res wireless loudspeakers from Bang & Olufsen.

Not only are these hi-res stereo speakers wireless, but their slim, delicate, and sophisticated exterior instantly enhance the look of your Miami, FL home. Keep reading to find out why the Beolab 28 loudspeakers are one of our favorites in high-performance audio.

TAGS: Bang & Olufsen | High Performance Audio

Here’s What Landscape Lighting Brings to Your Home

You Won’t Want to Miss Out on These Perks

Here’s What Landscape Lighting Brings to Your Home

When homeowners are on the market for new home technology, landscape lighting isn’t typically at the top of their list. While there certainly are flashier technology solutions out there, landscape lighting brings a lot more to the table than most people expect (plus, landscape lighting can be pretty flashy, too).

If you want to protect your Fort Lauderdale, FL home while showcasing the beauty of what makes your home unique, you need a landscape lighting system. In this blog post, we dive into three benefits you’ll experience after installation. Let’s get started.

TAGS: Landscape Lighting System | Lighting Control

Leave Your Home Theater Installation to a Professional

Skip the DIY Trouble and Start Enjoying Your New Home Theater ASAP

Leave Your Home Theater Installation to a Professional

Home theaters have grown in popularity in recent years. Now that going to a commercial movie theater to enjoy a film may not be possible for everyone, home theater installations are in high demand. After deciding to bring the magic of a home theater to your Fort Lauderdale, FL property, you may be wondering if you should hire a professional or turn your installation into a DIY project.

While a DIY installation is possible, professional installers bring a lot of value to the table. Keep reading to find out three reasons why you should leave your home theater installation to a professional.

TAGS: Home Theater Design | Home Theater Installation

How Home Automation Companies Bring Value to Your Life

Comfort, Convenience, and the Power of Technology

How Home Automation Companies Bring Value to Your Life

Do you actually get to enjoy your Miami, FL home, or are you constantly crossing tasks off of your mental to-do list, like setting the thermostat or making sure all of the lights are off, and all of the entrances are locked? Smart home technology gives you the power to automate everyday tasks like the ones we’ve mentioned and even more.

If you’re new to smart technology, partnering with a home automation company for your installation can be extremely beneficial. Not only will they do the heavy lifting for you, but they’ll make sure you get the technology you need. Keep reading to find out how home automation companies bring value to your life.

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