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Getting Started with Smart Building Automation

Elevate Your Business with these Top-Notch Technologies and Solutions

Getting Started with Smart Building Automation

The technologies throughout your office building have a significant impact on how well your business operations are streamlined throughout the workweek. From conference room setups to distributed smart control – adding in solutions that best fit your company needs is a must for its success.

So what smart technologies are the best to bring to your commercial building automation system? In this blog, we’ll dive into the various solutions that can enhance different parts of your Miami, FL office space. Find out more by reading on below.

Top-Quality Video

Ensure that you’re never met with another “technical glitch” or buffering video during an important meeting or presentation again. A smart conference room system provides impressive video distribution and presentation technologies. These solutions deliver crystal-clear picture quality and quick sharing of your training videos, digital presentations, and more.

When you’re in the middle of an important video conference call, frozen or loading video can make for awkward situations, prolonged meetings, and ultimately – wasted time. Instead, rest assured that your video won’t cause delays for your employees in office or across the globe.

Installing video displays throughout your office can help you deliver messages, showcase new projects, and welcome guests or clients to your lobby. Effortlessly play a video your team has been working on, show announcements or reminders, or anything that you find relevant to the day or the company as a whole—all from an intuitive, centralized controller.

Audio Distribution

Audio is just as important of a component to any conference room as video is. When your room’s audio quality is low, you might miss crucial information or end up asking clients to repeat themselves. Rely on high-end audio from in-wall or in-ceiling speakers that help everyone in the room hear better—no matter where they’re sitting.

Distributed audio means your entire office can benefit from these speakers throughout the space as well. Hidden speakers aren’t obtrusive in the slightest, and blend in seamlessly with your office décor.

Play music for employees to enjoy and liven up the work environment. Make announcements over the speakers, whether it’s to alert everyone of new sweets in the breakroom or to remind your team of an upcoming staff meeting.

Easily manage different audio zones from a single touchscreen device and determine what media plays in various areas of the building. Controlling this solution is as simple as pressing a button.

Smart Lighting Control

Lighting can change the entire look of a space. Illuminate your office with dynamic lighting that complements the task at hand or time of day. Keep the workspace evenly bright throughout the day to ensure every employee feels energized and alert. As the end of day rolls in, your lights can automatically turn off after the last person leaves – saving you energy and lowering your bills.

Light can automatically turn on as employees walk into different rooms throughout the office. They only need to press a single button to dim the lights and set the perfect atmosphere for their video presentation or conference.

Integrate motorized shades to adjust in tandem with your lighting to take advantage of natural sunlight. You’ll notice a change in mood across your team and promote a boost in energy and wellness.

Want to learn more about building automation for your office space? Give our team a call or fill out our online contact form to schedule a no-obligation consultation with us. We’d love to hear from you!

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