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How to Hide Your TV as Part of Your Interior Design

Technology Doesn’t Have to Hinder the Look of Your Spaces!

How to Hide Your TV as Part of Your Interior Design

When you’re enjoying a new movie with the family or hosting a watch party for the Grammys, you want your TV to be front and center. But once those events are over, and the TV is off, why should it continue to steal the spotlight from your carefully decorated interior?

Keep your TVs from hindering the look of your spaces by choosing a hidden TV solution that best suits your Fort Lauderdale, FL home. Whether disguised as framed artwork or stored within media cabinets, your TVs can blend with your décor and be revealed with a button tap when you’re ready to watch.

Below, explore three creative ways our team at BDigital Technologies can help you conceal your TVs.

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Turn Your TV into Customizable Artwork

The Frame TV by Samsung features 4K resolution and QLED display technology when turned on, then transforms into beautifulwall art when turned off. Rather than settling for a distracting black screen amid your interiors, your turned-off TV can add to your décor by showcasing any number of works of art from world-renowned institutions. You can even display your own photos. The Frame can be hung as a centerpiece and outfitted with a customizable bezel or showcased using the Studio Stand, which makes your TV look like a featured painting in a gallery.

Disguise Your TV as an Elegant Mirror

Similarly, you can choose to disguise your TV as a framed mirror when not in use. Visitors will be amazed at how indistinguishable your display is from an elegantly hung mirror when it’s turned off. Mirror TVs look great above an entertainment center or styled as a focal point among other framed art on the wall. Put a mirror TV in the guest room so visitors can use it while they get ready in the morning and for entertainment at night. Pair your mirror TVs with stunning frames in various styles, colors, and finishes.

Hide Your TV within a Media Cabinet

Motorized TV lifts are perfect for homeowners who are working with small spaces or don’t wish to have their display out at all when it’s not in use. A media cabinet fitted with a motorized lift can be used as a footboard desk in the bedroom or a credenza in the media room and will neatly store your TV until you’re ready to use itWith a remote, mobile app, or voice command, quickly reveal your TV from the media cabinet and enjoy! Motorized lifts and mounts can work in other applications, too: neatly store your display in the ceiling, under the floor, or behind a painting and reveal it with a button tap.

Your TVs no longer need to steal the spotlight! Conceal them with a hidden TV solution that best suits your space and style. From design and installation to smart home integrationBDigital Technologies can sweat the details for you so you don’t have to.

Learn more about our hidden TV solutions and how to start your project by contacting our technology experts here or sending us a message in the chat box below.

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