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Protect Your Home with an Air Filtration System

Pure365 Will Filter the Air and Water in Your Home

Protect Your Home with an Air Filtration System

We are spending more time in our homes than ever as we help to curb the spread of COVID-19. One way to improve your health during this time is to ensure that your smart home is free of air and water pollutants. A comprehensive filtration system will do this and more. Learn how a Pure365 air filtration system will keep your home safe from air and water pollution in Miami, FL.

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Protect Your Home

Your home is your sanctuary. You should feel safe and healthy while relaxing in your bedroom or baking in your kitchen. Pollution, however, is a global problem, and even your home is not safe from poor air and water quality. As air and water pollution continue to grow, we must take steps to protect ourselves from the harmful health effects that it can bring. Pure Wellness has created a solution to protect you and your loved ones. Pure365 is a comprehensive air and water filtration system that keeps your indoor air and tap water clean. Never again worry about pollution harming you and your family while at home.

State-of-the-Art Purification

The Pure365 system protects your home from both dangerous airborne particles and water contaminants. Comprised of revolutionary hardware and software, Pure365 filters and tracks your indoor water and air, capturing over 99% of potentially harmful ultrafine particles, microorganisms, and volatile organic compounds. The Intellipure Super V whole-house air purifier gives you clean air throughout the home by reducing particulate levels by up to 95%. Additionally, water purification systems ensure that your tap water is even purer than bottled water. Finally, the Smart Thermostat senses bad air quality and then boosts airflow using the fan of your HVAC system to push polluted air through your return ducts and house filter system so that clean, purified air comes out of the supply vents.

Easy-to-Use App

The Pure365 app gives you complete control of your system from your smart device of choice. View real-time data and reference past pollution events. Set a certain threshold of pollution level that will activate your HVAC system when passed. Compare your indoor air quality to the air outside and receive alerts when the outdoor air is safe so that you can open your windows to ventilate when needed. Identify issues that are negatively affecting your health, and track air quality levels around the world so that you can plan for travel and outdoor activity.

Are you interested in installing a Pure365 air filtration system? BDigital Technologies is a premier smart home technology company in Miami, FL and is ready to assist. Contact us using the live chat box below or fill out our online contact form to schedule a no-obligation consultation with our team. We’d love to hear from you!

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