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3 Ways Building Automation Facilitates a Greener Work Environment

Save Energy and Enjoy a Cleaner, Healthier Workplace with These Smart Solutions

3 Ways Building Automation Facilitates a Greener Work Environment

As a business owner, you’re always looking for ways to improve your company's efficiency and lower everyday costs. Installing a building automation system isn't just good for the environment; it will also help cut down your utility costs. When you invest in greener automation solutions, you benefit from reduced energy usage, cleaner air, and protection from water leaks. Read our blog to learn three ways a building automation system can enhance your Fort Lauderdale, FL business.


Reduced Energy Usage

A commercial automation system integrates everything from your building lights and motorized shades to HVAC and more into one easy-to-use interface so you can effortlessly access and manage these devices whether you’re in the office or away. With real-time monitoring of these devices from one intuitive platform, you can see where energy usage is being used efficiently in your building and optimize consumption while maintaining comfort. With scheduled lights and temperature usage, you’ll rest assured that no lights are left on or temperatures set too low once everyone has left the building.

Cleaner Air with Pure Wellness

Our team partners with Pure Wellness to deliver smart solutions that help protect your commercial spaces from harmful contaminants while creating the best wellness environment for your clients and staff. These solutions include medical-grade air purifiers that capture 99.99% of all airborne viruses, bacteria, and other ultrafine particles. Particularly amid the pandemic, preventing airborne transmission with anti-viral and anti-microbial filters is imperative to keeping a healthy work environment. From the convenience of your mobile phone, you can view real-time data and past pollution statistics. When pollution levels pass a certain level, your smart thermostat will activate the HVAC system so that airflow is boosted and polluted air is passed through your return ducts, allowing clean air to come out of the vents. You’ll enjoy a cleaner, healthier office space for your employees.

DAM-It Water Leak Protection

Water leaks can cause expensive water damage, especially in low-traffic areas that are rarely checked. With flood sensors, you’ll immediately receive an alert in real time via text or email when a leak occurs. But what good is this if you are out of the office? A DAM-it Automated Water Control Valve will allow you to remotely turn off your water supply, preventing the link from continuing. Additionally, you can create rules to control your water usage further. You can program your water to turn off when no one is in the office. You can also have your sensors alert you when they detect freezing or exceedingly high temperatures to prevent pipe issues before they happen.

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